Dr. Matthew Harris


  1. Comparative genetics

  2. Evolution and development of the vertebrate skeleton

Dr. Katrin Henke


  1. Genetics of suture development

  2. Cell-ECM interactions as regulators of ossification

  3. Development of novel mapping techniques using whole genome sequencing

Helena Boldt   

Now at Stowers Research Institute

Dr. Kellee Siegfried       

University of Massachusetts Boston

  1. Genetic analysis of gonadogenesis and sex determination in fish

Dr. Chunmei Li


  1. Fish as genetic models for aging

  2. Comparative genetics of aging

Dr. Jennifer Lanni

Assistant Professor Wheaton College, MA

Genetic basis of size regulation of the skeleton

Jake Daane

Postdoctoral mercenary (Detrich lab Northeastern U, Nahant)

  1. Size control and coordinated development of the skeleton

  2. phylo-genomics and developmental constraint in evolution of morphology


Cailin McDeed

Off to Medical School

Kristin Radcliffe

Boston University


Dr. David Peal


  1. Genetic and developmental basis of macrodactyly in children

  2. role of potassium channels in growth regulation

  3. cardiac physiology and ion channel function

New Faculty

Michael (Brent) Hawkins

Predoctoral student (OEB w/ Hanken Lab, Harvard University)

  1. Genetic regiulation of the shape and form of the skull

  2. use of phylo-genomics to uncover patterns of skull evolution

note: not a zebrafish mutant, rather a swordfish